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Elizabeth Lucy

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Musician | Songwriter | Arranger 

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Ablaze - OUT NOW

Elizabeth Lucy



I'm a singer, songwriter and arranger based in London.

Welcome to my online portfolio and blog! 

Feel free to take a listen to some snippets of my demos in the playlist below.



As an Arranger

I was kindly asked by the London Contemporary Voices to arrange a choir part to fit Maya Youssef's stunning track 'Bombs Turn Into Roses'. This was an exciting challenge as I didn't want to take away from Maya's incredible performance but to add to the atmosphere and create a new dynamic for this song. This was co-arranged with LCV's frequent arranger Knut Olav Rygnestad.

As A Songwriter/Performer

This song was inspired heavily by the works of Adele and Jason Robert Brown. This video is using the demo track that I recorded to try and show the full soundscape of the song. I often draw from my own experiences when writing and wanted to explore this theme of isolation from your emotions.

As a Collaborator 

I had the opportunity to collaborate and top-line for the song 'Breakaway' on this list. Since its release, this track has been used in shows such as Queer Eye on Netflix.

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