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Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I have always cared way too much about pop music. I remember getting my cassette karaoke machine and performing Britney Spears to my soft toys as a child. I’m sure everyone has a similar memory, right?

I also remember writing my first song; when I was 10 years old my best friend in Primary School had to move away and I was devastated. My biggest fear about the situation was that I was going to miss her way more than she missed me and for some reason I decided to express this sat at the piano. It was the first time I felt the cathartic experience of releasing your emotions and turning them into something that existed outside of yourself. The song is clearly still written by a 10 year old and no, none of you will ever hear it, but I am proud that I started to express myself so young.

Though pop music is my passion, I also just love any kind of music. I am a long time choral singer and even get the joy of singing with the BBC Symphony Chorus. Be warned for occasional diversions into the wonderful world of choral music on this blog too. Also, enjoy this photo of baby Lizzie singing in her first BBC Proms Season.

I want to use this blog for whatever I fancy. I want to write about my own music and my own journey as well as expressing my (many) opinions about music I am listening to, or not, and why.

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